Mitre Medical Corp. Announces the Publication of One-Year Results of the Mitral Touch

Updated: Jan 21

Results Set the Stage for an Upcoming US Trial

January 6, 2021 – Morgan Hill, CA – Mitre Medical Corp., (“Mitre” or “company”) an early-stage medical device company developing the Mitral Touch®, a less invasive and safer approach to treat functional/secondary mitral valve regurgitation (FMR) and remodel the left ventricle (LV), announced the publication of the one-year results of the Mitral Touch in European patients. The article, entitled “First in Human Experience with an Epicardial Beating Heart Device for Secondary Mitral Regurgitation” by Thourani, et al. was published online December 14, 2020 on the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery website.

The excerpt below from the discussion section of this peer-reviewed article speaks to the validation of the Mitral Touch in providing cardiac surgeons a beating heart option for these undertreated patients and the unprecedented reduction of these patients’ enlarged ventricles (LVESV reduction). Reducing the left ventricle interrupts the deadly heart failure cycle.

“Epicardial annuloplasty [by the Mitral Touch] provides the opportunity for

beating heart evaluation under TEE [ultrasound imaging] guidance of the

annuloplasty effect without an atriotomy. Avoiding the atriotomy and extended

bypass times may reduce recovery time, atrial arrhythmias, and embolization

when compared to standard mitral repair. This first-in-man study supports the

conclusion that the device improves MR and promotes LV remodeling in patients

with secondary MR.

The LV support provided by the epicardial annuloplasty device may explain the

improvement in LVESV remodeling (-31%) compared with the remodeling

improvement in CTSN Trials (-11.1% and -16.8). at 1-year.”

The structural heart market is seeing a very rapid uptake for new lower-risk devices that focus on specific patient populations. The Mitral Touch follows this strategy.

As lead author, Dr. Vinod H. Thourani, Marcus Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery for Piedmont Healthcare and the Marcus Heart Valve Center, noted, “We, as cardiac surgeons, are hungry for devices that are less invasive and improve outcomes. These results demonstrate that without opening the heart we can provide significant MR and left ventricular reduction. The bypass patients with secondary MR represent one of the largest unmet needs in our operating rooms. Presently, these patients go undertreated due to the invasive nature and limited benefit of standard annuloplasty. Confirming the Mitral Touch results in a larger patient trial would be a win for patients and a win for surgeons.”

MR Reduction + LV Reduction
Bypass + Concomitant Beating - Heart Epicardial Repair for Secondary MR

Image description: Epicardial beating heart MR repair can be successfully added to bypass

patients. The treatment resulted in acute reductions of MR and LVESV which were substituted for one year. The device adds a minimally invasive option for these undertreated patients.

Image Source: Thourani, V. (2020). First in Human Experience with an Epicardial Beating Heart Device For Secondary

Mitral Regurgitation [image] Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

“We are pleased that the results were recognized and accepted by the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery as a valuable contribution to research in the field. The successful treatment of this first set of patients confirms that the Mitral Touch is a non-invasive solution to FMR and remodeling the LV and sets the stage for a larger study in the US,” stated John MacMahon, Chief Executive Officer of Mitre Medical.

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Mitre Medical Corp is an early-stage medical device company developing the Mitral Touch®, a less invasive and safer approach to treat functional mitral valve regurgitation (FMR) and remodel the left ventricle (LV) in patients with moderate to severe MR. Mitre Medical has the potential to be the new standard of care for FMR. For more information, please visit

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